Nibbles do's and dont's of cooking

Fruits of the forest cheese cake with honeycomb powder and chocolate mousse

Steak and ale pie served with honey glazed carrot's and parsnips tossed with fresh parsley and chopped pinenuts

Cooking the early years....

As a teenager i lived with my Dad. As a working single father he had his own and 5 other mouths to feed,  more often than not the dish of the day would be knorrs finest packeted soups and a couple of loafs of safeway's finest sliced white bread. On the good days we would get a shepard's pie with beans and cheese made from??? you guessed it a packet!!. To be fair on the weekends when i had rugby games he would always cook up a mean full english and on sunday's he did and still does the family sunday lunch...gravy king keb

 As a consequence of our quick and easy week day meals the thought of becoming a chef had crossed my mind once or twice. I remember coming home from school some evening's before Dad was home from work, i'd go straight into the kitchen to whip up a feast. The limit's of my cooking skills back then were a ploughmans feast with freshly chopped salad and a few slices of apple.

I first seriously considered becoming a chef when one of my first girlfriends mum's cooked for me. Everything she made melted i my mouth, all her dish's made with fresh ingredients and so obviously not from a packet.

The expisode that finally bit the biscuit and made my mind up for good, was one famous night a Sarah Milburn's house where we had been playing a drinking games.  I,as any,normal teenage boy had got the munchies and fancied a chinese but had the small problem of not having any money.  I asked my mate Ali Ewen if he could buy me one, to which he replied if you can eat a packet of butter i will buy you a chinese, 250gs of lurpak later we set off to the chinese

On arrival to my utter distress the chinese was closed, all that effort for nothing!!.  Ali and I came  up with a  plan B, back to my house and i will cook. When we got back to mine Ali had also got a case of the munchies and asked if i could be so kind as to cook something for him. Still trying to hold back my gag reflex from the ever so nice lurpak i pointed at my sisters goldfish and stated that if he could re-inact a scene from a fish called wonda i could cook...

Emilia I hope you have forgiven my by now, and Ali i hope what ever i cooked was worth it.... That evening really taught me the importance of being able to cook

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26.08 | 15:57

The Banger & Mash was splendid, the gravy were proper good. Made wit love

09.12 | 19:02

So pleased to see quiche lorraine recipe Tom! Can't believe how many more great recipes are on your site. A busy Christmas holiday ahead testing them all!

28.11 | 16:28

I love the fact that inspires my son to cook the loveliest tuesday-dinners!! Cream of tomatoe soup and crustini's .... YUMMY-YUMMY

14.09 | 18:48

man skal bare husk at flytte det over til metal riste efter 15minutter så man få en sprøde bundt

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